Version: 1.3b (AC v1.1 hotfix 11th of March, 2015)
1.3b Hotfix
Version: 1.3 (1st of March, 2015)

– fixed rear tyre grip in the data.acd, so now both rear tires grip visible in the ovinfo App
– fixed damage glass, now visible the pit crew
– added new Yokohama tires
– removed Dunlop logo from the rear bumper
– added new rimblur

– The new version use a different folder (slcr_15) so if you want to keep the 2014 version, just leave it
– The 2015 1.3 version still contains the 2014 liveries.

Download links:
Seat Leon EuroCup 2015 v1.3 – Mediafire
Seat Leon EuroCup 2015 v1.3 – Zippyshare
Seat Leon EuroCup 2015 v1.3 – Mega