Update on the Hyundai i30N TCR

January progress on the exterior. clay1_0201clay1_0201B



3 thoughts on “Update on the Hyundai i30N TCR

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  1. Hi Tamas, i’ve just discovered your WTCR pack in development and i have a question:
    If i donate the 14€ for the full car, this mean that i will also receive the future cars of that pack (like the Hyundai in development) or i will receive only the actual cars available? Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Tommy, I currently working on the Hyundai, so if you donate with £14 you will receive now the Alfa, Audi and Cupra, and when I finish with each car like the Hyundai in the end of this month, you will receive automatically when is ready. And when I finish with the next car, you will get it.

      1. Thanks Tamas, this is what i want to know. I’m organizing and i will support you for sure. Can’t wait to have all the WTCR cars, by looking at your models they are very very well done 🙂

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