Hyundai & Cupra TCR Released

Two new cars released, the Hyundai i30N TCR and the Cupra TCR, and as well some minor change and update on all previous cars. All cars including the current features: IBL shader + region map 2018 real liveries Rain FX on the carbody and glasses Wiper animation Exhaust glow real BoP system all cars use... Continue Reading →


New release

Two new cars released, Golf and Audi TCR, plus updated Honda Civic TCR. Please uninstall first the ver1.0 Honda Civic TCR before install the new version1.1. Changelog: Honda Civic TCR: Seatbelt and cockpit mirror added to exterior view improved rim blur texture and alpha channel carbody chanded to new IBL shader improved shaders updated all... Continue Reading →

August update

Interior and both SLR liveries done. The rear lights and brake lights was a bit tricky, because normally there's two types of rear light, one - where the rear light and the brake light are separate objects, and the other type, where both lights use the same lights (objects). But the Golf is completely different,... Continue Reading →

July update.

The last car of the WTCR 2018 mod: Golf GTI TCR 2018 car exterior body and parts are done, and ready for unwrapping the parts. The paintable parts of the car are unwrapped and baked. Here is a preview from the progress.

WTCR June Progress

I finished the interior of the Peugeot 308 GTI TCR, and also finished the lodB, C, and D. So the car is ready for testing on track to finalize the physics. Hopefully the car will be released at the end of this week.

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